308913 US Hwy 101
Brinnon, WA 98320
Hours of Operation

Fuel Dock: 8am – 5pm

Store/Office: 9am to 5pm (now open daily)

Hot Tub: daily 10am to 8pm through April

Pool/Hot Tub: 10am to 10pm (May – September)

Galley & Pub:
Sunday – Thursday 8am-6pm
Friday – Saturday 8am-8pm

Our Community

Our Vision

Development Of The Decade


The existing Marina is just a taste of what is planned for the future.

Constructed under the auspices of an existing Binding Site Plan; the Marina Uplands is now excluded from the proposed application for Pleasant Harbor Resort’s Recreational Community. Jefferson County has now had a pleasant-taste of the quality that is planned for the Recreational Community.

This beautiful rolling hill property is preserved and enhanced from its past use as an American Campground. We have preserved nature and protected the environment, so that NO surface water leaves the boundaries of the property. The soil nutrients for the golf course are formatted by Dakota Peat, with only natural materials that extend the roots of plants and takes the place of traditional Nitrate and Phosphate synthetic fertilization. Xeriscaping, with natural shrubs and trees, replaces traditional groomed lawns. Most importantly, this Recreational Community will be its own Utility, with a government-certified Waste Water Treatment Plant converting grey and black water back to Class A water. This water is used for irrigation, which flows through bio-swale infiltration for a zero impact with recharging the aquifer. This means that water removed from the aquifer is returned to the aquifer along with rainwater for continual re-use. Sludge is removed from the system and trucked off-site.


With the Recreation Center open 7 days per week to attract guest visits while supporting employment, The Statesman Team wanted to develop a state-of-art center, that would be a destination for the Family, as well as Conferences, Weddings, and Sporting Events.


Roughly 65 percent of the occupants will meet the County’s requirements for shorter-term stays. This product is known as CONDO-TELS, where 1 and 2 bedroom suites provide terraced views of the Sea and the Harbor. The remaining 35 percent will be considered longer- term stays, with residences called Sea-View VILLAS and VISTAS. This product appeals to the early retiree who is anticipating a future home at The Resort, as well as a winter retreat elsewhere.


With the contours remaining mostly as the land presently exists, experts are calling the 9-hole designed golf course, “Nature’s Golf” because of its pure innovation; it can be played twice, with alternate T-Boxes and Greens for an 18-hole experience. However, many find 9 holes of golf quite sufficient.


The Recreation Community includes the well-designed Recreation Center, with amenities one would only expect to find in a major center. It-Is-All-About-the-Family. Mom and Dad can enjoy the Health and Exercise Center, along with the SPA which is one of the only Medical Tourism facilities in the State of Washington.

Serious young swimmers are being coached in the Olympic Pool. The young in all of us enjoy the Sea-Drop-Loop where the Rider starts on the inside of the Aquatic Center and then with a gush of water is swept to the outside luge before delivering the Rider to the basin back inside the Aquatic Center. People will be talking about this thrill ride that provides an excellent reason for guests to stay for a longer visit.


Sports Tourism is the future for young aspiring athletes to learn the skills of competing, and the comradery of friendships that last a lifetime. Parents and Grandparents lease one of the Recreational Suites for the week or weekend, to cheer on the kids participating in a variety of sporting events. Parents and Grandparents also re-claim their wellness, through medical-based lifestyle activities, mindfulness & meditation de-stressing & nutritional coaching.


As expressed, by The Department of Community Development for Jefferson County, the 9 year process this project has followed has generated real progress to help affirm the status of the Comprehensive Plan conditions. The Developer has addressed the questions and met standards for preserving the environment, with Geo-Thermal Heat and Cooling, as well as programs to decrease Electrical consumption and to meet Aquifer requirements.

The Developer has proposed to the Tribe (PGST) and to the County, that a collaborative monitoring program be designed which involves all adjoining landowners whose uses could impact the health of Hood Canal. This proposed Monitoring Plan would be a first in the County, and would employ the skills of all participants to always emphasize the recommended status of the ecology in this area.

As noted within our 9-year application process…

“May we encourage you to consider the positives and the benefits to the community, the school and the future for Brinnon, by providing your endorsement for the immediate approval of: Pleasant Harbor Marina & Recreational Community``
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